About Scoot Boots

Scoot Boots come from Australia and are the invention of Dave MacDonald. He had 30 years of experience working with horses and spend 12 years as a full time farrier when he developed the world’s first practical hoof boot in 1998, the ‘Old Macs.’ At that time
 when the barefoot movement was in its infancy, Dave realized that the majority of shod horses could quite comfortably go barefoot with correct hoof maintenance over time and they could be aided with the use of hoof boots when riding over rough terrain. Since the advent of the ‘Old Mac’ hoof boot, many boot designs have entered the world market to cater for the rapidly growing industry of barefoot trimming and booting.

Scoot Boots are the latest innovation in hoof boot technology and offer many features superior to other boots on the market. Scoot Boots are designed with simplicity in mind so that they are easy to use for both horse and rider. Constructed of durable thermo plastic urethane (TPU), Scoot Boots stand up to all kinds of rough terrain yet are also flexible enough to mold to the hoof and allow it to function as it naturally should. 
We at are excited to offer Scoot Boots to customers in the USA with fast and free shipping!

What we at LOVE about Scoot Boots:

  • They stay on!! Walk/trot/canter/gallop and through tall grass, rocky terrain, and sucking mud. No need to constantly look down to check to see if we’ve lost a boot going down the trail! (We found they even stayed on when a toe strap was undone or when trying a pair that was a size too big!)
  • They are super easy to put on and take off! No more wrestling to pry boots on or fiddling to fasten a bunch of tedious straps! We timed it and found we can put a boot on in under 20 seconds!
  • They are flexible and mold to the horse’s hoof, allowing it to function naturally but with added protection. These boots have enough give to them that horses can feel the ground they’re traveling over and their hooves can expand and contract as they naturally would. We think this flexibility also helps the boots stay on because they mold to the horse’s hoof instead of wrenching against it.
  • They are light and low profile. Not at all bulky or clunky (won’t cause horses to overreach or swipe themselves) and they don’t collect water or mud.
  • Their sizing is accommodating. They fit across a full trim cycle.
  • They have great traction. We found them to have far better traction than traditional metal shoes.
  • They are durable. Very tough material with no wires to fray, no Velcro to get gunked up, and no gaiters that rip off from an over-reach.  
  • They are easy to clean. No heavy, soggy, mud-packed leather to scrub after a ride – just a quick rinse is all that’s needed. 

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