Scoot Boot Accessories

  • Mud Strap Sleeve Mud Strap Sleeve

    Mud Strap Sleeve

    The Mud Strap Sleeve Pack is a convenient solution to prevent the Mud Straps from rubbing with horses who have sensitive skin.  The Mud Strap Sleeve Pack comes with 6 PVC tubes. 
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  • Scoot Ice Studs Scoot Ice Studs

    Ice Studs

    Scoot Ice Stud Pack can be used to enhance your horses traction on all surfaces.  Included: 20 x Scoot Ice Studs 1 x Scoot Ice Stud Applicator
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  • Mud Straps Mud Straps

    Mud Straps

    The mud strap is designed to provide extra security for boots and help prevent them from coming off. It is especially useful for horses that overreach/interfere, boots that aren't a perfect fit, or when riding in deep mud and other extreme terrain...
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  • Scoot Boot Anti-Slip Pad Scoot Anti-Slip Shims

    Scoot Anti-Slip Shims

    The Scoot Anti Slip Shim is constructed of a specifically formulated non-slip material that is inserted into the front of the Scoot between the hoof and the boot. The Scoot Shim will provide two big benefits to a Scoot fit: extra security...
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  • Gaiter Alternative: Customizable Protection Gaiter Alternative: Customizable Protection

    Gaiter Alternative: Customizable Protection

    Consider using 3mm EVA foam tape if your horse needs additional heel protection. With its adhesive backing it can be cut in strips then folded over the heel strap for customized protection. It's an inexpensive alternative to gaiters and it allows...
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  • Lock on Pastern Strap Top View Pastern Strap Lock

    Pastern Strap Locks (4)

    Pastern strap locks are designed to prevent the pastern strap from pulling off when riding in muddy conditions or through heavy brush. They are constructed of nylon and designed for ease of application. Each pastern strap lock pack contains 4 pastern...
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  • Hardware Pack

    Hardware Pack

    The hardware pack includes:10 knob hooks plus screws When replacing hardware, use loc-tite to prevent the screws from working themselves lose (but be sure to use the "Removable" loc-tite). Note: rivets used to be used to secure front straps but...
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  • Pad Angle Pad Top

    Scoot Boot Pads

    Sold in pairs (2 pads). Scoot Pads are for sensitive soles or to assist fitting in between sizes. For maximum security glue your Scoot Boot pads into your Scoot Boots. This will extend the life of the pads and keep them in place. You can...
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  • Toe Strap- Colors Toe Stap- Black

    Front Straps

    Add some extra pop to your horse's Scoot Boots by replacing the black front straps with some eye-catching color! Scoot Boot front strap set includes 6 front straps. Available in pink, orange, red, purple, aqua, green, and black. One size fits all Scoot...
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  • Pastern Strap Colors Pastern Strap- Aqua

    Pastern Straps

    Add a pop of color to your horse's Scoot Boots! Scoot Boot pastern straps are sold in sets of 4. Available in pink, orange, red, purple, aqua, green, and black. Be sure to check out the colored front straps if you want even more color on your...
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  • Trail Gaiters Trail Gaiters

    Trail Gaiters

    The Trail Gaiter pair includes 2 easy-to-fit neoprene gaiters that provide protection for the lower back of the pastern only (these are the gaiters that come with each new pair of Scoot Boots). We recommend using gaiters while your horse is first...
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  • Endurance Gaiters Endurance Gaiters

    Endurance Gaiters

    The endurance gaiter pair includes 2 easy-to-fit neoprene endurance gaiters that provide protection for lower back of the pastern and rear coronet area. Endurance gaiters are useful for sensitive skinned horses and for endurance riders...
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