Try the Demo Difference!

$10 14-day Trial. Pretty certain about your horse’s size but want to try out Scoot Boots before committing to buying them? Get a demo pair for a 14-day trial! Some boots work great for certain horses but not others and often the only way to tell whether a pair will work is to actually ride in them. So put Scoot Boots to the test and see if they are right for you and your horse! Check out our stock of Scoot Boot Demos here.

Demo terms and conditions:

  • Charges. Your card will be charged for the demo fee of $10 and a security deposit of the cost of a new pair of boots ($185) to be refunded upon receipt of the returned demo boots, less any additional fees incurred (described below).
  • Boot Use. Try out the boots! Put them to the test on the terrain you ride on. Follow the Tips for Successful Scooting included with your demo. We recommend not putting more than 20 miles on them over the demo period and increasing the length of use slowly because just like when people break in new shoes, horses need time to adjust to them or rubs become more likely.
  • Size exchanges. If the demo boots you received aren’t the right size, let us know right away and you can exchange them for another size at no additional cost. 
  • Return shipping. Customer is responsible for return shipping (we highly recommended using a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope for your convenience and security; please send us the tracking number for refund verification purposes).
  • Terms and Potential Additional Fees. Boots must be returned:
    • On time: If boots are not postmarked returned within 14 days of when the demo period begins (the day that USPS tracking indicates the package was delivered), a $10 per week extended use fee will be deducted from deposit.
    • Clean: a $5 cleaning fee will be deducted from deposit if boots are returned dirty.
    • In good working order: reasonable wear is to be expected but we reserve the right to not accept boots that are broken or show signs of extreme wear.
    • With complete accessories packet: The cost of any missing accessories will be deducted from deposit.
  • Sanitation Disclaimer. We will do our best to send you clean demo boots. However, we are not responsible for any contamination so if you are concerned about this, please clean them before using them on your horse.
  • Interested in keeping your demo boots? Contact us and we’ll give you a quote for the demo boots you received, pro-rated based on their amount of prior wear. If you decide to keep them, the difference between the deposit and the pro-rated price will be refunded to you.