Scoot Boot Fit Kit

To request a fit kit, please click here (if the link is not working, copy/paste into your browser). We will use the information you supply in this brief form to recommend the best sizes to include in your fit kit.

Not sure what size your horse needs? Try out a few Scoot Boot sizing shells to see which size best fits your horse’s unique shape! Fit kits are a free service that we offer to help our customers identify the best size for their horse and avoid having to exchange boots. 

Because Scoot Boots are so form fitting, their fit is sensitive to the overall volume and shape of the hoof which may not be reflected in measurements of the bottom of the hoof. Thus, sizing boots can be very tricky even with good measurements so we highly recommend using the sizing shells to determine what size will work best for your horse. 

We recommend ordering 3 sizing shells but you may choose additional shells if necessary. Measure your horse right after a trim and select the shell size closest to their measurements as well as one size up and at least one size down (in our experience Scoot Boots are more likely to run small than large). The sizing shells are used for sizing and fitting only - they cannot be ridden in. Sizing kits must be returned within 7 days. 

Fit Kit Terms and Conditions:

  • Charges. Fit kits are a free service that we offer to help our customers* identify the best size for their horse and avoid having to exchange boots. Your card will be charged a security deposit fee of $15 per shell. The fit kit deposit will be refunded upon receipt of the returned shells, less any additional fees incurred (described below).
  • Sizing with Shells. Try the shells on and reference the video below to evaluate which size fits best. Take into consideration where your horse is in the trim cycle when evaluating fit. 
  • Return shipping. Customer is responsible for return shipping (we highly recommend using a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope for your convenience and security; please send us the tracking number for refund verification purposes).
  • Terms and Potential Additional Fees. Sizing shells must be returned:
    • On time: If sizing kit is not postmarked returned within 7 days of the day that USPS tracking indicates they were delivered, a $3 per week extended use fee for each shell will be deducted from deposit.
    • Clean: a $5 cleaning fee per fit kit (not for individual shells) will be deducted from deposit if shells are returned dirty.
  • Sanitation Disclaimer. We will do our best to send you clean shells. However, we are not responsible for any contamination so if you are concerned about this, please clean them before using them on your horse. 

*Anyone who purchases boots from us qualifies for a full refund of the sizing shell deposit. Half of the sizing shell deposit is retained (i.e. not refunded) to offset our costs from fit kits sent to customers who do not purchase boots from us. We offer sizing shells free of charge because we know they help our customers determine the correct size and then their purchases offset our costs but we can't afford to send them out to customers who will be purchasing boots elsewhere.


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