Scoot Skins are glue-ons that can be left on for an entire trimming cycle. Unlike many other glue-ons, they can be flushed to prevent bacteria build-up. Scoot Skins are the ultimate performance glue-on and are especially well-suited for endurance riders. 

Key Scoot Skin features include:

  • Can be flushed to clean sole area and reduce bacteria build-up
  • Allow medicating of the sole
  • Excellent durability - can be reset multiple times
  • Design has an open front that allows the toe of hoof to be seated in the correct breakover position
  • Provide easier glue manipulation than many other glue-ons
  • Have a greater surface area for glue
  • Have Scoot Boots' excellent tread pattern, resulting in superior traction
  • Made of lightweight and flexible TPU (250g or 9 ounces)

Important boot preparation before gluing:
  • Clean with alcohol based cleaner
  • Buff surface area to retain better glue adhesion
The success of Scoot Skins depends on careful preparation and the skill of the person gluing them on. Experience using glue-ons is key to applying them effectively.  
Skins are sold in pairs so a quantity of "1" includes two boots.
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